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Greg’s primary concern was loss of tooth structure resulting in “short” teeth. With conservative, restorative dentistry, a full mouth reconstruction with veneers, crowns and onlays, the result was stunning.


olga-2 olga

Olga needed some restorative dentistry.  She had lost one of her permanent teeth and had an old, dark dental restoration. With an implant tooth placed and a new tooth-colored restoration, the result appears as natural as those teeth around them. Olga can now chew and smile again with confidence after implant dentistry is successful.


melanie-2 melanie

Melanie had congenitally missing teeth in the front of her smile.  The dental implants were sized & designed to use cosmetic dentistry to match the bite, look and color of the surrounding natural teeth. Melanie can now smile with confidence!


george-2 george

George had always had a large gap in his smile.  As a good cosmetic dentist knows, it is better to save the natural teeth and close the gap with tooth-colored fillings in ONE office visit; rather than use dental veneers or a more invasive and expensive procedure.


lauri-2 lauri

Lauri had aged restorations and battered teeth and gums.  She wanted to again smile with confidence. With the help of a Periodontist, we were able to recreate a lovely and natural smile for Lauri.


michael-2 michael

Michael had a life-long goal of closing the space in the front of his smile.  In this case, through the use of all porcelain, ceramic restorations, we closed the space and balanced out the size of Michael’s 4 upper front teeth.


angie-2 angie

Angie just plain wanted to remove the old, large silver fillings and replace them with tooth-colored fillings. Not only was this a good idea for her cosmetic reasons, but these old, large, silver fillings do have a tendency over time to produce fractures in natural tooth structure.